- Guidelines -

If you use any of the SmartAPI logos, illustrations or any other images approved for use under these brand guidelines, you agree that you will do so in compliance with the terms and conditions indicated on this page. If you do so, SmartAPI grants you a non-transferable, non-exclusive, royalty-free limited license to use its creative assets, and only in accordance with these brand guidelines. This is not a trademark license.

Please refer to these guidelines to achieve consistency and make sure the branded elements of SmartAPI are used correctly across every application. We reserve the right to terminate or modify your permission to display our creative assets.

Don't Do This
Distort our images.
Change the original images in any way.
Apply filters to our images.
Overlay images or text over our images.
Crop our images in any way.
Don't rotate our images.
Recreate our images.
Use our images commercially use without permission.


Brand Name & Font

SmartAPI recommends the use of our font if used on a heading.
The first letter and the word API in our logo must always be capitalized.

SmartAPI uses the font MonoGlyceride by Download Here


SmartAPI has a preferred logo for small, medium and large screens.
To maintain consistency on our presence online please make sure the logos of SmartAPI are used correctly across your application/device.
When using our logo on medium and up screens the SmartAPI text logo must accompany below the logo images.

logo Full Package Download 
logo Logo (SM) SVG Download 
logo Logo (MD) SVG Download 
logo Logo (LG) SVG Download 

Full package includes PNG and SVG versions of our logos with and without text!

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